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    Nutritious school lunches have never been easier

    What started 18 years ago as a lunch program to serve one small private school has evolved into our mission: to serve the highest quality, healthy and appealing lunch for children across the state. As a family-owned company, our employees are the parents, grandparents, and loved ones of our own children. We believe in the positive impact nutritious and delicious meals will have in their development.

    Today we offer an affordable variety of 60+ hot or cold menu combinations; including kid favorites: Mac & Cheese with Carrots, Crispy Chicken Sandwich with Fruit, and Grilled Chicken Pita. Whether your child prefers limited menu items or enjoys a wide range of options we look forward to serving your children a well-balanced school meal they are sure to enjoy. If you would like to try our program or are interested in learning more, please call us at 410-667-1100.

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    Did you know we also offer business catering?

    In partnership with our parent company All About Lunch, we can provide the same reliable services to businesses as well.

    How do we do it? Over the past 15 years we’ve remained true to our commitment to putting our customers first, focusing on high quality meals with fast and reliable service. Whatever the need, we remain flexible and will customize any solution to meet your needs.

    Catering you can count on. Whether you need to feed five people or 500, the experienced team at All About Lunch can deliver – even at the last minute. Our commitment to variety, value and quality ingredients means you can feel good about choosing our deli.

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